Students in West Hawai‘i conclude fall semester with Hō‘ike

With chants, hula, poetry readings and more, over 50 Hawai‘i Community College (Hawai‘i CC) students demonstrated their newfound knowledge at a Hō‘ike that was held on Thursday, Dec. 11 in Kealakekua.

“Hōʻike is an opportunity for our students to demonstrate what they have learned over the semester to their support systems, inclusive of fellow peers, faculty and staff, family, and community members,” said Pualani Lincoln, an Associate Professor in Hawai‘i CC’s Hawai‘i Life Styles program. “The tradition of Hōʻike is ‘to show’ and take ownership of one’s learning and its overall contribution to the larger community. This is definitely what we experienced that evening, as each student presentation was bursting with passion, experience, and commitment to higher education and community engagement. The event resonated with a true sense of ‘ohana.”

The students presented as about 80 faculty, staff, family, and community members circulated at the campus in Kealakekua and celebrated the students’ accomplishments. Food was served, and over 300 native plants were given away to participants and the community.

This was the first-ever Hō‘ike for Hawai‘i CC students in West Hawai‘i, but it’s a tradition that is expected to continue when Hawai‘i CC’s West Hawai‘i facilities move to Hawai‘i Community College – Pālamanui in North Kona.

The move to Hawai‘i CC – Pālamanui is expected to take place in time for the Fall 2015 semester. At the new branch campus Hawai‘i CC will offer a variety of associate degree and certificate programs. In addition, the campus will deliver bachelor’s and graduate-level degrees from University of Hawai‘i campuses across the state.

“The Hō‘ike is a wonderful way to conclude our semester,” said Marty Fletcher, the Director of Hawai‘i Community College & the UH Center, West Hawai‘i in Kealakekua. “It is about sharing and celebrating achievements. Educationally, it complements our assessments through exams and assignments in a way that resonates with the spirit of aloha.”

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