Chancellor’s Message


Welcome to the fall 2015 semester. I look forward to a productive, successful and rewarding academic year.

This is an especially exciting year for Hawai‘i Community College because we have just opened our new branch campus in Kona: Hawai‘i Community College – Pālamanui.

Pālamanui has been in the planning, development and construction phase for many years, and on August 24, 2015 the first students took their first classes at the new facilities.

The sustainably designed, LEED Platinum certified buildings will be a valuable resource for the West Hawai‘i community for decades to come.

We are planning an official dedication and open house for late October to celebrate this accomplishment and to welcome the community to Pālamanui. We will keep you informed about this event.

75th Anniversary Celebration

In addition to celebrating the brand new Pālamanui campus, we are also celebrating the 75th anniversary of Hawai‘i Community College during this academic year.

In 1941 the college was founded as the Hawai‘i Vocational School with five academic programs and 183 students. Today, we are a comprehensive community college offering 26 programs and serving approximately 3,000 students.

We will be celebrating this milestone during our annual events, including at the Hawai‘i Community College Alumni & Friends Scholarship Dinner and 75th Anniversary Celebration.

The event will feature a silent auction, door prizes, a vintage fashion show and more.

More details about the event will follow, but if you are interested in purchasing tickects you may contact Bobby Yamane, President of Hawai‘i CC Alumni & Friends, at 934-2553 or

Convocation Week

This is the first year Hawai‘i Community College has hosted Convocation Week to welcome faculty and staff back to campus. Events included new hire orientation, workshops for faculty advisors, workshops on Starfish/MySuccess, and more.

I hope the activities were productive and worthwhile and that by transitioning into the new semester this way faculty and staff became better prepared to help students succeed.

The New Kauhale News

We are changing the Kauhale Newsletter this year from a monthly format to more of “real-time” model. Members of our Kauhale will be able to submit a news item and have it posted within two or three days, or in certain circumstances even sooner.

We are making this change to reflect the ways we consume information today and to ensure the campus community is receiving news in a timely manner.

You can check the Kauhale News site periodically by visiting to see if news has been posted. In addition, an email with links to news items will be periodically distributed. Each of these emails will include a reminder to submit articles and photos to and


Chancellor Noreen Yamane

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