DMA lecturer organizes annual HawaiiCon event

GB Hajim, lecturer in the Hawai’i CC Digital Media Art Program, is the organizer of the annual HawaiiCon coming up next weekend.

About 10 Hawai’i CC faculty, staff and students volunteer at the event each year.  

HawaiiCon is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of science, the science fiction genre, and mythologies, past and present, which guide humanity.  HawaiiCon will emphasize education and uniquely Hawaiian contributions to science.

Here’s the announcement about the event:

HawaiiCon is next week on the Big Island!

There are $20 passes for their preview half day: Thursday, September 10th. The convention runs until Sunday night, September 13th at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel.

GB Hajim, HawaiiCon COO: “We totally understand that many people have never been able to go to a fan convention, so they don’t know what it is about. The low price for Thursday, even lower for kids ($10), allows them to get a taste. It also allows school groups to participate in both the fan panels and our science track.”

Thursday’s registration opens at noon, but most of the panels start at 3pm and run until 10pm.

Actress Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5, Night of the Living Dead, Jurassic Park), has joined the staff at HawaiiCon this year after her experience in 2014. “This is arguably the best convention on the planet and by far the best fan experience.” As an avid scuba diver and hiker, Pat, as she likes to be called, will be in charge of all the tour activities.

Friday begins three full days of panels and events that run from 7am each morning until 10pm each night. With over 50 celebrities, writers, artists, and scientists, there is a huge diversity of panels to choose from. The convention has more to do than all the conventions on O’ahu combined, but with no crowds.

The most popular day last year was Saturday night’s cosplay contest when hundreds of people showed up to root for their favorites from around the world. This year’s judges include Monika Lee, Riki Lecotey, and BelleChere – all three are arguably among the top 20 most famous cosplayers in the world.

For more information go to or follow them on Facebook or @HawaiiCon on Twitter.

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