UNUKUPUKUPU invited to perform in Europe

Hula_KauahleTen members of UNUKUPUKUPU, the hālau hula of Hawai‘i Community College and her partner UH Hilo, have been invited to do a series of performances and workshops in a number of European cities from Dec. 10-19, 2015.

The letter of invitation from the chairperson of the German Association Aremiti e.V. reads: “In close cooperation with our ethnological museum (Lindenmuseum Stuttgart), as well as the International Shadow Theatre Centre (Schwabisch Gmund), we ask you kindly to perform (and discuss) the HULA KI‘I KAPŌ‘ULAKĪNA‘U in the context of the exhibition “The World of Shadow Theatre” in Stuttgart as well as to present it at museums and cultural centers of Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna. We believe that these performances might shed light on the ritual origins of shadow ‘manipulations,’ (2) strategies of cultural survival under colonialist pressure and (3) the role of the dancer/performer between imitation (fictionality) and absorption/possession.”

The trip is in alignment with the University of Hawai‘i’s “Hawai‘i Papa O Ke A‘o” initiative, which is designed to make the University of Hawai‘i a model indigenous-serving institution. An important part of Hawai‘i Papa O Ke A‘o is not just the way the campus communities serve visitors to the campus but also how the campuses interface with the indigenous world beyond Hawai‘i.

This invitation is host-sponsored with no direct cost to the college.

The Hawaiʻi Papa O Ke Ao/UNUKUPUKUPU ambassadors are:

  • Pele Kaʻio – Hawai‘i CC & UH Hilo Alumni, Hawai‘i CC Lecturer
  • Ryan McCormack – Hawai‘i CC Instructor/Advisor
  • Noʻel Tagab-Cruz – Hawai‘i CC APT
  • Kāhealani Wilcox – Hawai‘i CC & UH Hilo Alumna
  • Keyra Tejada – Hawai‘i CC alumna, UH Hilo Student
  • Pōlanimakamae Kahakalau – Hawai‘i CC Learner
  • Ayako Onishi – Hawai‘i CC Learner
  • Dane Dudoit – UH Hilo and Hawai‘i CC Learner
  • Stacy Kaʻauʻa – Hawai‘i CC alumna, UH Hilo Learner
  • Dr Taupōuri Tangarō – Hawai‘i CC Professor, Hawaiʻi Papa O Ke Ao system’s task force member
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