Hale Aloha Blessing and Open House










Led by the Kīpaepae Protocols Committee, Hawai‘i Community College held a Kīpaepae Ho‘onoho for the newly renovated Hale Aloha on Monday, October 19.

The Hale Aloha dormitory was constructed in the late 1960s to provide housing for students attending Hawai‘i Community College and UH Hilo. Opening in 1969, the co-ed dorm was designed to house 32 male students on the 1st floor and 22 female students on the 2nd floor each academic year. After the closure of the Hale Aloha dormitory in Spring 1996, the building was converted to offices for various UH Hilo programs and departments.

In September 2011, Hawai‘i Community College received funding to renovate the Hale Aloha Building for the Nursing & Allied Health Division. The building renovation includes offices for nursing faculty, two simulation labs, and a conference room on the 1st floor.  The 2nd floor was remodeled to accommodate the Nursing Division Office, two nursing labs, and two classrooms.

The renovation of the Hale Aloha building also includes a unique “green” rooftop on the third floor. The new open roof is available for students, faculty and staff at Hawai‘i Community College to enjoy.





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