The Art of Craft Beer Explained

The Art of Craft Beer

By Angel Russell

It was the spirited patriot Benjamin Franklin who claimed, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  Although there may be some who question the logic of such a statement, there are few who can deny the cultural significance of the bubbly brew.

From as early as the Neolithic-period, historians have traced multiple references to the popularity of the beverage and have even hypothesized that it could have been an instrumental tool in the development of civilizations.
Behind only water and tea, beer is the most wildly consumed drink in the world, and, consequently, the most popular alcoholic beverage. Over the course of over 3,000 years, the beverage has evolved and adapted to the region, resources and population demands all over the globe: resulting in multitude of varieties and brewing techniques. In the video you will hear from several experts in Hawai‘i on how to choose craft beer and what foods to eat it with.
Despite the assortment of beers readily available and the relatively low cost of home-brewing, the majority of Americans have displayed nominal range in their beer selection.  Seemingly, the convenience of low-cost, low calorie and mass-produced beers has translated into a homogenized market dominated by macro-breweries.

However, there remains small population of Americans who attempt defy the trends of
popular consumption and raise beer to the level of aesthetic significance; these are the brewers and advocates of craft beer.