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Development of a Winer

By Melanie Fleming

Born in Berlin, Germany to an American father and a German mother. I reside in Honolulu, Hawaii and have for 11 years. This blog explores the experience of a young person enjoying the complexities of the wine world.


d. lyman’s thoughts on sounds

By Damian Lyman

hardly certified jamz evaluator




Dance Lance

By Lance Sabado

Well-known  choreographer Mia Michaels once said, “Dance with your heart and your body will follow.”  This mantra has stuck with me from the time I heard it–almost ten years ago–and I apply it to my everyday life.  I do everything from my heart.  That said, I write these stories and blogs from my heart and with the intention of revealing candidly and profoundly what dance means to me: as a dancer, choreographer, instructor and a spectator.

The 72 percent

By Chelsea Yamase

72 percent of this planet is covered in salt water, and if you are looking that is where you will find me.

I hail from a small town on the south shore of Kauai, where I was born with just a little too much ocean in my soul. Having no boys, my father–a commercial fisherman for the past 30 years–decided I should be used as a substitute son. Thus, I developed quite early on an affinity for the NOAA weather station, the sun on my skin, and the saltwater in general.

Despite having: paddled on it, flown over it, swam through it, gotten pounded by it, and jumped into it, the ocean and all its moods still fascinates the heck out of me. It has been the longest love affair of my life so what better thing to write about, yes?

My blog, the72percent, will cover anything and everything that happens on, in, under or around the rather wet 72 percent of Earth surrounding Hawaii. (I mean geez you didn’t think I was going to cover the entire 72 percent, did you?)


Grammar, please

By Megan Oshiro

Taking word use to a new generation



Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic

Matt Dentone, ESPN contributor

Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic blog is in its third year.  The event culminates in three days at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu. Look forward to great play from this year’s field — Auburn, Clemson, Hawai’i, Kansas State, Long Beach State, Southern Illinois, UTEP and Xavier. Each school will compete in one game per day, advancing through a bracket-tournament format.


Red Pill Mode

By Ashley Wood

I created this blog because of my fascination with the virtual world and how it has become a reflection of our society. Despite the early optimism that saw the Internet as being a place of freedom, to an extent, it has become another venue for long-standing issues like race, gender, class, and violence. There are positive points to using technology, but how it’s used is what interests me more. This blog expresses my personal observations of the constantly-evolving nature of the digital world.



Fever Magazine

By Katrina Oh

Fever Magazine is a fashion editorial in it’s process of reaching from Hawai’i to Asia and the States. This magazine’s purpose is to show case fashion, beauty, and health to women all over the world. We want women everywhere to truly believe that beauty is possible no matter their ethnicity, culture, religion or body type. Confidence lies within.



By Dae Shik Kim

My name is Dae Shik Kim Jr.  I currently live in Hawaii, and attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I am an undergrad obtaining a BA in Journalism. This blog is to share my reflections on what the Holy Spirit has revealed in my life. I am exploring a life in ministry while searching for God’s heart.



Now with less caffeine!

By Alvin Park

Aloha. My name is Alvin and I am just another journalism student here at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I’m a Harry Potter enthusiast, hardcore Pokemon fan at heart, a denim expert and a part-time pessimist. The published works on this blog will be some of my exclusive writings from my Journalism class. Also, take a glimpse at some of the stuff that goes on in my head only here on my personal blog. I hope you enjoy your stay!


Cheers to Living Scrumptiously!

By Denise Yuki

Hawai’i: the Pacific’s international remix of culture. At its heart is Honolulu, the mecca of it all with its impressive all-encompassing array of establishments. Add to that what it is to be a twenty-something year old in the city, and HNL becomes a cosmopolitan playground.

From the North Shore to Waikiki, Waianae to Hawai’i Kai, learn about this up-and-coming town through its flavors and experiences of the young, with apologies, and the restless?