March 28, 2018

New Acquisition: Okinawan Immigrants in Taiwan

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The Okinawa Collection at UH is pleased to announce that it received a copy of the book titled “Okinawa sekimin” no Taiwan hikiage shōgen, shiryōshū (= 「沖縄籍民」の台湾引揚げ証言・資料集)(Okinawa: University of the Ryukyus, 2018).


Book cover

inside Okinawa sekimin

This item focuses on the Okinawan people who immigrated to Taiwan and returned to Okinawa after the WWII. Many such returnees were interviewed. This book records such voices of the Okinawans who lived but came back to Okinawa.

This book will be cataloged and will become available for checkout.

March 19, 2018

New: Ryukyuan Languages Resources

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The Okinawa Collection is pleased to announce that it added the following two items.

(1) Ryūkyū no kotoba no kakikata : Ryūkyū shogo tōitsuteki hyōkihō琉球のことばの書き方 : 琉球諸語統一的表記法 (Written in Japanese)

This book teaches the users how to write eleven Ryukyuan languages (from Amami to Yaeyama islands).

Ryukyuan Language Book

(2) Ryūkyū shogo to kodai Nihongo : Nichi-Ryū sogo no saiken ni mukete = Ryukyuan and premodern Japanese : toward the reconstruction of proto-Japanese-Ryukyuan琉球諸語と古代日本語 : 日琉祖語の再建にむけて (written in Japanese)


Ryukyuan Language Book

These books are cataloged and available for checkout.

March 14, 2018

STEM Education and Research in Okinawa and Hawaii

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The World Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB) Hawai‘i and the East-West Center, and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) in Okinawa are going to host a panel discussion on “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education and Research in Okinawa and Hawai‘i: Views from the Cutting Edge” in later this month.

STEM Panel Flyer

RSVP by March 16 by phone or email:

  • Phone: 808-944-7111
  • EWCInfo@EastWestCenter@org

March 9, 2018

MIS Talk and Presentation Event held at Hamilton Library

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On March 7, 2018, Dr. Shinye Gima and Mr. Mark Matsunaga made separate presentations under the event titled “The Pacific War as seen by the Nisei soldiers of the Military Intelligence Service: (a) the Battle of Okinawa: a personal account & (b) the context.

The event started with a warm welcome by Prof. Masato Ishida at the  University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, who is also Director of the Center for Okinawan Studies (COS). Dr. Gima’s personal account of his experiences as a Nisei Military Intelligence Service (MIS) soldier followed. Dr. Gima, who was born in 1925 in Ewa, O‘ahu, but grew up in Maui, fought as a Nisei soldier with an American Japanese Ancestry (AJA) during the Pacific War. His brother, Noboru, who was born in Hawai‘i was in Okinawa when the war broke out. He was forced to fight against the Allied Forces as a member of Tekketsu kinnōtai (鉄血勤皇隊 = “Iron and Blood Troops of Loyal Followers of the Japanese Emperor”).

(Above Dr. Shinye Gima)

Mr. Mark Matsunaga

(Above Mr. Mark Matsunaga)

MIS event

(Fron the Right to Left: Professor Masato Ishida, COS Director; Dr. Shinye Gima; Mr. Albert Katsuyama; Mr. Mark Matsunaga; Sachiko Iwabuchi, Okinawa Studies Librarian)

MIS Related Resources [selected] (Citation in APA style)

  • Swift, David W. (2008). First class: Nisei linguists in World War II: origins of the Military Intelligence Service Language Program. San Francisco, Calif. : National Japanese American Historical Society.
  • McNaughton, James C. (2006). Nisei linguists: Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service during World War II. Washington, DC: Department of the Army.
  • The University of Colorado at Boulder’s US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project (JSLP)

Lacquer and Clay: Okinawan Art Exhibit at HoMA

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The Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) announces its new exhibit titled Lacquer and Clay: Okinawan Art from May 10, 2018, to September 23, 2018.

HoMa Okinawa Lacquer Exhibit

Exhibition Overview

“Hawai‘i has the largest community of Okinawan descent outside of the Ryukyu Islands. With a history of more than a century, this community has maintained a distinct cultural identity, while at the same time contributing significantly to the rich diversity of the islands.”

UH Mānoa Library has several print resources on Ryukyuan lacqures.

 (not cataloged yet; please request this item from Voyager (UH Mānoa’s Online Publicly Accessible Catalog by choosing “Get This Item.”

Voyager record

March 5, 2018

Ms. Etsuko Teruyama’s Passing

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Professor Manabu Yokoyama (横山學), a Frank Hawley scholar, notes that Ms. Etsuko Teruyama (照山越子) passed away on October 18th, 2017 (JST). Prof. Yokoyama published an article about Ms. Teruyama and her relationship with late Frank Hawley as a secretary.

Nippon Kosho Tsushin

Yokoyama M. (February 2018). Teruyama Etsuko-san no koto (= About Etsuko Teruyama / 照山越子さんのこと). Kosho Tsūshin, 1063, 6-7.


Prof. Yokoyama and Ms. Teruyama translated letters written by Jessica Hawley–Frank Hawley’s mother–and published them as an article titled “Furanku Hōrē haha (Jeshika) no shokan” (= “Letters by Jessica Hawley, the mother of Frank Hawley” / 「フランク・ホーレーの母(ジェシカ)の書簡」) in 2006.


Related resources

  • Yokoyama, M. (2017-). Furanku Hōrē kyūzō “Hōrei bunko” shiryō shūsei. Tokyo: Yumani Shobo.
  • Yokoyama, M. (2003).  Shomotsu ni miserareta Eikokujin : Furanku Hōrē to Nihon bunka. Tokyo: Yoshikawa Kobunkan, Heisei 15 (2003).