February 6, 2017

African American History Month – February

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February is African American History Month

Feb is African American History Month. Read how Library of Congress is involved and find events at https://t.co/9HFsaImfPE #blacklivesmatter

— UH Manoa Library (@UHMLibrary) February 1, 2017

Some might find the book below relevant and interesting.

A newspaper article from Asahi Shinbun (published on May 15, 2016, JST), Morning Edition, p. 29 (4 areas in Tokyo)

An image of a flyer that was distributed in Koza City, Okinawa, Japan in 1971.

The headline reads, “‘Solidarity with Okinawans,’African-Americans Call for Solidarity.”

The flyer was distributed in Koza City, Okinawa Prefecture, in January 1971.

To read the full article (only in Japanese) in the database, follow the steps below (UHM ID required):

  1. Go to http://guides.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/az.php
  2. Search “asahi shinbun” in the search box (case insensitive)
  3. Choose Asahi Shinbun