Mission Focused System (MFS)

Realize the University’s commitments to becoming a foremost indigenous-serving university and advancing sustainability, both of which are significant parts of our mission.

MFS Productivity and Efficiency Measures

MFS Action Strategy 1:

UH aspires to be the world’s foremost indigenous serving university and embraces its unique responsibilities to the indigenous people of Hawaiʻi and to Hawaiʻi’s indigenous language and culture. To fulfill this responsibility, the university ensures active support for the participation of Native Hawaiians and supports vigorous programs of study and support for the Hawaiian language, history and culture. In addition to the Native Hawaiian student success agenda within the Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative, the following tactics align with the thematic areas set forth in Hawaiʻi Papa O Ke Ao, UH’s plan for a model indigenous serving university.


  • Prepare more Native Hawaiians to assume leadership roles within UH and the community
  • Develop community and public-private partnerships locally and globally that advance UH’s indigenous serving goals and share practices globally
  • Advance the utilization and understanding of the Hawaiian language and culture throughout the UH System, including through articulated programs of study as well as through informal learning
  • Impart a Hawaiian sense of place on campuses through landscaping, signage and the creation of Puʻu Honua, a distinctive space that promotes educational and cultural activities

MFS Action Strategy 2:

UH will be a global leader in the integration of sustainability in its teaching, research, operations and service. The university must embrace both indigenous practitioners and global experts to advance Hawaiʻi’s stewardship and use of energy, food, water, land and sea for the well-being of the state and the world.


  • Integrate sustainability across the curriculum using common criteria such as an ‘S’ designation
  • Develop academic programs in sustainability sciences collaboratively throughout the system
  • Support research and service around issues of sustainability
  • Incorporate sustainability practices, including those derived from indigenous wisdom, throughout the university
  • Encourage alternate modes of transportation
  • Support Hawaiʻi’s local food economy

Productivity and Efficiency Measures for Mission-Focused System (MFS)