2017 Program Overview

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Thursdayʻs program features plenaries, panels, keynotes and an awards ceremony through lunch, followed by an afternoon of working sessions focused on:

  • S-Designation intake / Sustainability curricula talk-story: faculty can work w/ representatives from multiple campus sustainability committees to designate your course as sustainability-focused or sustainability-related so that students interested in sustainability can easily find your course offering(s).
  • Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibility (SENCER): work w/ SENCER leadership to incorporate active pedagogies and civic engagement to enhance your curricula.
  • Strategic Energy Management: learn from facilities personnel & administration at other campuses how they are integrating sustainability into their daily operations, strategic planning and energy management.
  • Student Sustainability Leadership: work with students from other campuses on creating a platform for youth leadership development in sustainability, strengthening the statewide student sustainability network, and provide input to the State of Hawaiiʻs 2030 Green Workforce & Education goals.

Fridayʻs session consists of a huaka’i to cultural sites located off-camps in the morning, and an afternoon poster session and ho’ike to share knowledge between campuses.

The Friday afternoon ho’ike session (2-4pm) is open to all UH faculty, staff & students interested in attending, and will include concurrent sessions which include:

  • workshops in the student organic garden,
  • S-Designation intake / Sustainability curricula talk-story
  • tour of the campus facilities.