How is our summit sustainable?

We strive to promote sustainability in all of its diverse facets. As a priority in the planning process, the event team for the summit integrates sustainability into the operations of this summit in multiple ways. These efforts include:

  • Waste Reduction:
    • using website, conference mobile app and listserv to move towards paperless event & planning process
    • minimizing printed information for summit participants
      • printed materials are often printed on recycled paper
    • using reusable dishes and cutlery for all meals
    • participants must provide their own water bottles & mugs to refill during the event to eliminate the need for single-use plastics and other materials
    • event banner from 1st annual event reused every year of the summit
    • use of digital documentation technology to share conference content with distance participants
    • food composting through partnership with the SOFT student farm and local farmers
  • Reducing emissions
    • encouraging carpooling (if you would like to join a carpool from one of the Oahu campuses, please contact us)
    • encouraging carbon offsets
    • For the 1st annual summit’s keynote speaker Leith Sharp, the speech was made using Skype technology instead of flying her over.
  • Food Sustainability: food for all meals is provided by a local company with an emphasis on local ingredients, plant-based nutrients and ethically sourced foods with a minimized carbon footprint. Student summits are entirely plant-based.

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