SEE OUR HATS! From the First Annual HAT DAY at JABSOM

We are wearing hats today to “Tip Our Hats to the Returning MS-2’s”. Our first annual John A. Burns School of Medicine “HAT DAY” is to celebrate the arrival of the final students to return to school for the 2012-2013 academic year, the second-year medical students–also known as the MD Class of 2015! Oh, and it’s also so we can all simply have some FUN!

NEW! Check out our FLICKR site to see more of les chapeaus!

It can be a stylish hat, a silly hat, an old hat–it doesn’t matter. Just come to school wearing a topper that day!

Unpack your Panama, straighten your Stetson, bare your boater, bonnet, bowler, or bucket, cavort in your chapeau, fix up your fedora, hold onto your headgear, headpiece, or helmet, lift your lid, mambo to the millinery, savor your sailor, skimmer, sombrero, stove pipe, or straw, tap your tam, tam o’shanter, or ten-gallon–and let’s make it a memorable hat day! And if you see a cool hat while out shopping—grab it! Weʻre doing this again next year!



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