VIDEO: How to support our `Imi Ho`ōla students!

There’s still time to support our worthy `Imi Ho`ōla Post-Baccalaureate Students through ordering their unique T-Shirts, for $15. Personally designed by the aspiring medical students, the students are selling the T-shirts to raise money for their working field trip to Kalaupapa next Spring. Those at `Imi Ho`ōla (“Those who seek to heal”) are very thankful for folks who donated blood during September 4th’s special fundraising blood drive at the John A. Burns School of Medicine. We’ll let you know as soon as possible whether there was enough participation to earn the students $300. Every donation was a winner in helping save lives, however, and that’s the most important thing.

We hope you will take a couple of minutes to watch this video and meet two of our members of the 2012-2013 `Imi class. Courtney Gaddis of Honolulu and Ka Liko Mu`o Gouveia of Maui describe the `Imi program and tell you more about the T-Shirts they designed. To order a shirt, email the `Imi Students at:

Story and video by Tina Shelton. Mahalo to Courtney Gaddis and Ka Liko Mu`o Gouveia for being interviewed and to Yuho Ono for her fantastic logistical support!

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