Why are Medical Students in My Room?

One day they’re in a classroom, the next day they’re in your hospital room or clinic, following your doctor around. How do we get our third-year medical students ready to take in all the activity that happens in a real health care setting? Well, patients throughout the state certainly help us, by allowing our students to shadow a John A. Burns School of Medicine Faculty Member who is treating them. (Mahalo!) And we have more than 1,200 volunteer faculty in Hawai`i. (Double mahalo!) In this video, UH Med Now Mānoa Student Journalist Amanda Shell takes us through “Transition to Clerkship”.

Our special thanks, again, to you from the University of Hawai’i John A. Burns School of Medicine for allowing our third-year students to get their feet wet, and learn to listen and interact with patients to give them—and you — better care!

Watch our video news report embedded above or click directly to our video player at UH Med Vimeo.

JABSOM is proud to have trained half of the physicians who are currently treating patients in the State of Hawai`i. Through its medical education and graduate medical education (MD Residency) programs, JABSOM is training 495 future physicians in 2014-2015.

QUALITY: More than 80% of the physicians annually identified as the “Best Doctors in Hawai`i” either trained or teach at the University of Hawai`i medical school.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: JABSOM faculty bring external funding of about $42 million annually into Hawai`i, most of it invested in jobs and services in the islands. The medical school also trains speech therapy and audiology professionals, medical technology students and some 200 students annually seeking graduate-level degrees in the biosciences: Cell and Molecular Biology (MS, PhD), Clinical Research (MS, PhD), Epidemiology (PhD), Developmental and Reproductive Biology (MS, PhD) and Tropical Medicine (MS, PhD).

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